The Wedding Of The Music And The Words (pre album ver​.​)

by Vic Thrill

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Was dreaming about this on my couch at the studio while drifting off to sleep, woke up and recorded it!


Where the Words were marrying the music,
there the music was marrying the words,
in the East Ramrasaad imbues it,
in the West, a flock of firebirds,

in the age of miracles and magic,
a wedding staged of the birds and men,
a sacrifice of instruments no longer,
into the soul of the spoken word,

Ramrasaad went deep into the forest,
where a goddess blew into his ear,
and one by one his poems started bending,
hot as the sun, into the choir of firebirds,
it was then that the creatures of the forest,
birds and men and herds of elephants,
sacrificed their magic in the fire,
and sweet arose, a smoke of prose and plume of rudiments!

where the words were marrying the music,
where the music was marrying the words,
as the head of Ramprasaad imbues it,
into the flaming beaks of firebirds,

so many gods,
so much smoke,
Ramprasaad and Shiva toked,
throughout the night and thus invoked,
the soul of light and sound,
on a mountain of ash, which the flock of firebirds flew home into the Sun,

where the words were married to the music,
where the music was married to the words,
the pile of ash became the Himalayas,
wrapped in a sash of snow and thus resounded,
OM shakalaka, OM OM shakalaka,
I'm hOMe shakalaka, I'm hOMe,
on the range where the buffalo roam,


released October 31, 2014
Vic Thrill - vocals, tablas, sitar-guitar
Parker Townson - double slide bass
Matt Dallow - Accordion
T-Pow! - Tibetan nipple gong & thumb bells,
Jim McHugh - 3 string Thai Guitar
Smidge Malone - trumpet



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