I Am Friend

by Vic Thrill

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if I've written 100 songs in the past months, I've written 10x that in poems, I feel like I've caught so many fish that my net is beginning to break, so I have been turning these poems into songs with as little fuss as possible, a djembe, guitar and maybe one other thing within arm's reach, in this case it was Parker Townson, an incredible multi-instrumentalist from Nashville, now living in Newport where I soon hope to visit and play with him!


I am trying so hard to be real,
in wanting to know what it is that I feel,
I will follow my heart to the happy end,
using my art to reveal,

I wake up everyday right where I lay down,
there is no other way,
I believe you are round,
I've seen these signs many times in the past,
it's a small world yet it is vast!

vast in terms of the way that I see,
many more ways we can learn to be free,
we don't all need to agree to agree,
but one by one we will all be free

I believe it's all part of the plan,
that the Lord won't abandon his clan,
every woman, every man, take my hand, take my hand,
on the long walk to the Promised Land,

You will trip and fall many times,
we will laugh at you but in a matter of days we will cry with you,
feeling lost in the maze,
what foe are we? Who we be?

one by one we will all be one,
gathered like sheep of light in the sun,
firewood for all of those yet to come,
to light their way by the song that we sung,

watch me where I have stumbled along,
know where you are in the dark, by the song,
go where the wind blows when it is warm,
soon you will doze by the fire, SING ALONG!

take a break from the cold and away from your fears,
you needn't be alone too long while you are here,
there is always someone who is destined to hear,
of the shafts of light and the shadows you have seen,
of the drafts that bite and zephyrs so serene,
of the demons you encounter at the edge of your dream,
I am not one of them, I AM FRIEND,

make no mistake, I cannot carry you,
in my arms or my words the entire way through,
for the truth is am just like you,
in the desert with a thirst for the truth,

could it be we are headed for The Fountain of Youth,
or a hot spring where we will mend my friend?
it is I who is now in the dark,
and I'm looking for a bon fire where I can park,
and tell you of the shafts of light in the dark,
I am yours you are mine,


released October 11, 2014
Words and music by Vic Thrill
VT - djembe
Parker Townson - Bass, Banjo



all rights reserved